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1、爱就是教育,没有爱便没有教育。Loveiseducation,nolove,noeducation。 2、每一个学生都是好学生。Everystudentisagoodstudent。

1、爱就是教育,没有爱便没有教育。Love is education, no love, no education。

2、每一个学生都是好学生。Every student is a good student。

3、没有不好的学生,只有不好的老师。There are no bad students, only bad teacher。

4、捧着一颗心,不带半根草去。Holding a heart, don't take half a piece of grass。

5、困难是人生的老师,是一所最好的学校。The trouble is that the teacher of life, is a better school。

6、真正的教师,极力防止自己的坏习惯及于学生。True teachers, to prevent his bad habits and the student。

7、道而弗则和,强而弗抑则易。开而弗达则思。And, and, strong and suppression is easy。 Open and missionary。

8、为他人的幸福而工作,才能达到自身的完善。Work for the happiness of others, to achieve their own perfect。


9、尊重儿童,不要急于对儿童作出或好或坏的评价。Respect for children, don't jump, or good or bad for children。

10、教师最大的幸福就是看到孩子们在成长!Teacher's biggest happiness is to see the children to grow up!

11、和蔼可亲的态度,永远是教师良好教态的注脚。Friendly attitude, always a teacher good itself。

12、如果你认为你的老师严厉,等你当了老板再这样想。If you think your teacher is tough, wait till you when the boss。

13、倾注心血的爱能使孩子们早日鲜花绽放!Dedicated efforts of love can make the children early flower。

14、幼苗需要土壤的滋养,孩子需要教师的爱护。Young plants need soil nourishing, children need the teacher's love。

15、让我们用自己的行和自己的心去教育我们的孩子。Let us use their own and their own heart to education of our children。

16、教学相长,在教育和教学过程中,我们也会学到很多。And so, in the process of education and teaching, we can learn a lot。


17、教书育人是教师的天职,既有苦,也有乐。Teaching is the first duty of a teacher, both bitter, also have joy。

18、教师与画家不同的是他要创造真善美的活人。Teachers with different artists is he in order to create a good living。

19、培养人,就是培养他获得未来,快乐的前景的道路。Cultivating people, is training he received in the future, happy future path。

20、教师的加法是增加桥粱,教师的减法是减少荒凉。Teacher's bridge, additive is to increase teachers' subtraction is to reduce waste。

21、教师,是播撒知识的种子,传递文明火炬的使者。Teachers, is to sow the seeds of knowledge, the angel of pass the torch of civilization。

22、能得到家长和孩子的尊敬和喜爱,这是教师的价值所在。Parents and children can get respect and love, this is teacher's value。

23、一个好的教师,是一个懂得心理学和教育学的人。A good teacher, is a man who understand the psychology and pedagogy。

24、教师必须非常谨慎,必须对他的所作所为负完全责任。Teachers must be very cautious, must take full responsibility for what he had done。


25、享受人文的课堂,享受动感的课堂,享受智慧的课堂。Enjoy the humanities class, enjoy a dynamic class, enjoy the wisdom of classroom。

26、没有爱的教学,宛如无水池塘,终将群鲜枯竭。Teaching without love, just like water pond, will eventually group of fresh dried up。

27、母爱的伟大之处在于可以容纳孩子最可谴责的行为。The greatness of a mother's love is that can accommodate the child's can be condemned。

28、每一位有自尊的老师都会让学生自尊心有发挥的机会。Every teacher can make students have self-respect self-respect will have the chance to play。

29、教学的艺术不在于传授的本领,而在于激励、唤醒、鼓舞。In the teaching of art is not impart ability, but inspire, awaken and inspire。

30、在知识的舞台上,最渊博的教师也是最谦虚的学生。In the stage of knowledge, the most profound is the most humble student teachers。

31、良好的师德风范必须“心中有学生”“有学生立场”。Good ethics model must be "a student in your heart" "are there any students in position"。

32、教师的最大幸福就是把一群群孩子送往理想的彼岸。Teacher's greatest happiness is to groups of children to the other side of the ideal。


33、严于己,而后勤于学生,这个无愧为教师的天职。Strict in yourself, and then follow students, a clear conscience for the first duty of a teacher。

34、在教学上,要做教师兼学者;在写作上,要做学者兼教师。In teaching, teachers and scholars to do; In writing, scholars and teachers to do。

35、教育贵在一个“及”字,重在一个“小”字,即使天天从小事抓起。Education in a "and" word, is a "small" word, even if every day from the minor matter。

36、教师对学生来说是一个引路人似的朋友,是心灵、智慧的双重引路人。Teachers for students is a lead the friend, is the mind, the wisdom of dual lead。

37、在过多地要求孩子的同时,也应该尽可能地尊重他们。In requiring children too much at the same time, also should respect them as much as possible。

38、永远用欣赏的眼光看学生,永远用宽容的心态面对学生。Students with appreciation view of forever, forever with tolerant attitude in the face of the students。

39、我愿做人梯让年秦人踏着我的肩膀攀登科学高峰。I wish to be a ladder for years qin people stepping on my shoulder to climb scientific peak。

40、想教孩子如何正派为人,教师应先从自己正派为人做起。Want to teach children how to decent person, the teacher should start from the decent itself。


41、在一定意义上,学生是老师的影子,儿女是父母的影子。In a sense, is the shadow of the teacher, students and children is the shadow of their parents。

42、不放手让孩子去做,犹如血液循环受到阻碍,是会防害孩子增强体质的。Don't let the child to do, like blood circulation impeded, would hamper children enhanced physique。

43、教师是天底下最为特殊的职业,今日的师德水准就是明天的国民素质。Teacher is the most special profession, the sun of today's ethics standard is national quality tomorrow。

44、欣赏别人的优点,善待别人的缺点,尊重别人的隐私,快乐自己的人生。Appreciate others' advantages, to the faults of others, respect other people's privacy, the happiness of his own life。

45、教师若不能取得他的学生对自己的尊敬和爱戴,那么最好让他离开教育岗位。If a teacher can't get his students to his respect and love, then it is better to let him leave education jobs。

46、师德最重要的是用高尚的情操去感染学生,让学生心中沐浴阳光。Ethics is the most important thing to infect students with noble causes, lets the student the sunshine in my heart。

47、教师的工作是教书育人,不光是传授学生知识,更要教学生怎样做人。Teacher's job is teaching, it is not only to teach students knowledge, more to teach students how to be a man。

48、用教师的智慧点燃学生的智慧火花,努力使学生得法于课内,得益于课外。Spark lit the wisdom of the students with the wisdom of the teachers, to make students well in the class, thanks to the outside。


49、知识不存在的地方,愚昧就自命为科学;教师不存在的地方,无知就变成了聪慧。Knowledge does not exist, but just pretend to be a science; The teacher does not exist, ignorant becomes brighter。

50、教师如果对学生没有热情,决不能成为好教师。但是教师对于学生的爱是一种带有严格要求的爱。Teacher if the students have no passion, must not become a good teacher。 But teachers for students' love is a kind of love with strict requirements。


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